Born in the Kathakali village of Vellinezhi in Kerala, Govindan Kutty with the strength of his training in Kathakali, made Bengal his karma bhumi. He selected a brilliant student, Thankamani from his alma mater, Kerala Kalamandalam, to be his life-partner. It proved to be a union of commitment

Young Thankamani found Kolkata (Calcutta) a place where Rabindranath Tagore dominated - larger than life, an icon. His music spilled over. But the sound of rhythm that danced to the beat of dancing feet was almost absent. Indeed Tagore himself had made an attempt to take Kathakali and Mohinyattam from the poet Vallathol, the founder of Kerala Kalamandalam to Bengal. But the pioneering work of popularizing south Indian performing arts in Bengal remained the mission of the Kutty family.

"I introduced the rhythm of dance in the land of Rabindra Sangeetham," she says with pride. Today, their students are faculty members in Vishwabharati. This speaks in volumes of the work done by this ground-breaking couple in the land of melody.